E mail

Permission-based Email Marketing

Permission-based email marketing is a proven online marketing tactic that continues to grow. To help small, medium-size businesses and corporations take advantage of this powerful, highly targeted communications tool, One2One offers sophisticated, full-service email campaigns.

Full-Service Email Marketing Campaigns

The ideal combination of convenience, expertise and service is offered through our managed full-service email marketing program. This turnkey solution provides the client with a complete hands-off implementation of their email marketing communications program by our expert staff. This program includes strategic services, custom template creation, email message delivery, list management and hygiene, results monitoring and in-house database integration.

Strategic Services

Our email marketing experts evaluate the clients’ business goals and develop an email marketing campaign strategy with goals and objectives, messaging, creative direction, visual identity, a list acquisition plan and more. The strategic plan of a full-service email marketing program typically includes:

List Management and List Hygiene

The customer provides One2One with an initial in-house email address list(s), which is imported into the email broadcast system. At this time all duplicate email addresses are automatically removed. Email addresses that bounce during delivery are automatically marked for deletion and removed from the list. All new subscribers are automatically added to the list when they sign up from the subscribe box on the email message and current subscribers can unsubscribe at anytime